Featuring Desmond Fox, Shane Saxton, Joseph Millard, and Nick Berget, Like Titans is proud to archive the released episodes of Podcast Beta. Click the links below for both a stream of the content, and the audio files.

Episode 1: Tantrum Mode - Used Games, Favorites, Fez, Steambox,
Episode 2: Dear Frisbee - Mobile games, Walking Dead, Dragon's Dogma demo, Shenmue(?)
Episode 3: Too Hot in the Kitchen - Free to Play, PASBR, CodBlops II, and Lair for some raisins.
Episode 4: This Might be an Okay One - TERA, Elder Scrolls Online, Trine 2, Adventure Time
Episode 5: Twelve Legs and an Arm - Starhawk, Rock of Ages, The Last of Us, Gramestrop
Episode 6: The One About Dragon's Dogma - Dragon's Dogma, Diablo III, 38 Studios
Episode 7: Podcast Statham - Dragon's Dogma some more, Zelda, Jason Statham, CD Projekt
Episode 8: The E3 One - E3 2012 of course.
Episode 9: E3 Awards - We dish out some awards, talk about inFAMOUS 2, and Lollipop Chainsaw
Episode 10: Pocumbobum - Lollipop Chainsaw, Lego Batman 2, Pokemon Conquest, etc.
Episode 11: Don't Retake Mass Effect - CivV, Tiny & Big, Universe Sandbox, ME3: EC
Episode 12: Halloween Edition - Need speed, just because I splintered a cell phone.
Episode 13: Whatever, Dad: A Halloween Story - DYAD, OUYA, Cave Story, Max Payne 3
Episode 14: The One Crytek Made - DayZ, Dawnguard,  Driver, Kickstarter, Darksiders 2
Episode 15: Groundhog Day - Terreria, Assassin's Creed, Nier, El Shaddai
Episode 16: Sweet Sixteen - Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs f'in ETC.
Episode 17: YRHNETAWCVG - WiiU, Mark of the Ninja, DOA, Happy Street
Episode 18: Stuffed with Cheese - Tegan and Sara, Cards Against Humanity, South Park, Nipples
Episode 19: 7 Minutes of Black 2 - POKMAN, Borderlands 2, Patterns, Bad Piggies, Dishonored
Episode 20: When Ecco Runs Out of Breath - Borderlands 2 DLC...whelp
Episode 21: I Hate This Episode - HALOBALLOOF, ASSCREDT, NEARN
Episode 22: Now With Shia Labouf - where am i im 12 years old what is this
Episode 23: WiiUnion - WiiU, THQ, Tim, Farcry3

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