Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain Dance

Under your dress, hairless God’s of forever

Spit up and down my neck, the dribble is soft

asking for anything else, it's a sin among sinners

for my questions, answers, for yours, nothing else

if I left my bags behind after my journey in

I would sleep on your heart, and make myself at last

for god's to commit under cardinal sin

we have to move, do it, fuck fast,

before they see us dripping from the clouds,

God's rain is blessing under fleshy constructs

excess of exchange, converging of brains, in basic

bare-back in bare-bones synapse

I collapse to the last o' thunder-claps,

o' moan! o' cries! o' deep breaths under fucks and gods, o' gods!


Yes, lightning strikes, oh let it rain, o' let the rain wash it away!

Beneath the titans, children o' Olympia drink our rain,

tongues extended to catch every perfect drop of mana!

O' children, o' seed, inherit my sins, inherit lives lived and passed!

O' children, under our cardinal sin, under rain clouds of purity, under parents of scrutiny,

O' children, under the watchful eye of school teachers and lawyers, and judges, and Presidents,

O' children, under the rain, borne unto sin, somewhere between flesh and flesh, Find your way home!

O' children, your gods come from books. Gods are born of paper and ink, between reality and complex.

O' children, drink, drink of Titan's milk, drink of the sky its-self, indulge in our gifts, for you are not long for this world.

O' children, learn to love, learn to dance the rhythms of your body, learn devotion, learn to hum drum beats, and spit poetry.
Salted sea water drapes over our bodies, in every suction we gather electric between kisses and convulsions,

dripping into each other's, mouths, rain dance, rain dance.

O' children, rain dance with us.


Helldozer said...

Dude, nice word-smithing. Lyrics to music, or just poetry?

Come At Me Bro said...

Love it!