Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Strangers in Paradise

Another old piece, but a favorite of mine.

Strangers in Paradise

Your heart shimmers under perfect suns,

it's godly gold, I'm godly under you.

Through steps over scattered minds,

navigate my sun, navigate my son.

Skip rope with heartstrings, under big shadowy chocolate factories.

Intoxicate my sun, intoxicate my son.

Big checkerboard time-tables, heartless hometowns.


Lake Michigan.

Open fields forever, stained green with education ending at seven, dreams wrecked with reckless abandon. Endless tomorrows filled with quiet recognition and empty hallways.

No-ones coming to class, but the bells keep on ringing.

Graduation happens as a whole, class not kindred, whole, not hole, whole. Class of '79, Class of '80, class of '81, classic rock stations showing their age- badly. Classical music composed by dead presidents and Saint Bernards, showing their age. Badly. Honest constructs smitten with their own deaths, in love with an idea, the idea of an end. Something you and I still haven't gotten right, but we're still sophomores, we have two theoretical years to argue the rhetoric before fuck gets his way. Before fuck fucks us. Badly.

I've been sitting shotty my whole life brothers and sisters, and lovers, and teachers, I've been along for the ride, and I've been watching, observing, listening. Loving on it all. Loving on every bit of humanism indulging on hedonism, my inspiration-

Comes from pornography.

Faint hearts take shelter, no room for the married past this point, the poems done, serious, don’t worry about it, close the book, turn the page, whatever you got to do, cause it's done and you aint missin' nothin'.

Okay, you gone?


FUCKING FUCKING, that's it, self-indulgent art under fire, under-siege, under churches, and politicians, and spokesmen, and lobbyist, taboo, hold your tongue young man, or you'll be choking on soap and tied up in dental floss. Clean, clean kids, no exceptions, sex ed, the devil, drugs, the devil, the homeless, the devil, doing as I do and not as I say, the devil, the golden rule, HUMAN nature brothers and sisters and lovers and teachers.


What makes us up - up above the heads and the fiends and the addicts and the animals.

Holding each other close on camera.

Strangers in paradise.

Pressed up against your lenses as you indulge in the un-indulgable. The forbidden. The sick. The dirty, dirty boys and girls, who fuck like Christ so you can indulge in their sins.

Not your own.

Your clean, mama made it that way.

She's a good woman, but boy did she fuck you up.


Light Weight Baby! said...

there's good information here

Anonymous said...

i luv it so heartwarming

SilverWind said...

I'm sure this post speaks for thousands.

joanna.elherro said...

u can count me in as one of those thousands