Monday, September 6, 2010

And Break

Consider this common sense.
Past tense literature.
Competitive science breast feeding art.
Deconstruction, abolition,
lost children of free form thought.
Taking grace.
Sweet drown hollow,
big city girl,
big pill to swallow.
Common sense.
Decompress the living.
Exhalted and disemboweled,
the elderly lying open on cardboard cutouts of classrooms.
Scenic science.
Silence underlying, tight pieces of Flood.
Take truth.
Take honor.
Take heart and gold.
Take mother.
Take daughter.
Take the killer car crash, triple constructed, divine comedy.
Take onlookers and bystanders, all the hopes, all the dreams.
Every reality over-ruling your life-
Your liley hood.
Every most important thing held in higher heart.
Put your life on the line.
And Break.


Jackson Krauss said...

Wow, Des! I love the style of word combination, in pairs and sets. Has a lot of poignancy. Very good!

Eddie Rod said...

I'm not really into poetry, but you seem to be good at it.

Entropy said...

Wow, love it! You encapsulate a meaning in such a poignant way, it's mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

im not a huge poetry fan either but i like this