Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Will Look Like Giants

So this website got it's name from a piece of fiction I've been posting here, and that piece of fiction got it's name from a poem I wrote not long ago. Probably still one of my favorites. I thought I would share it with you.


When the hammer falls I will be ten miles away.

I will be ten years before, I will be ten dead notes tied up in string.

Before the ceremony I will have forgotten the drops of blood that drip from the tips of my fingers.

After the bomb drops I will be someone new, I will forget.


Tonight the clock will strike with swollen hands, I will love her like I have never loved anyone, I will be vapid, I will be livid, I will be thoughtless. I will be machine.

And they will think we are giants.

I will be dirty, I will be broken, I will scare her, and she will scream into the dirt.

And they will think we are titans.

I will drop this hammer. I will drop this bomb.

5 years.

I will pick up the pieces, and you can draw a picture on my heart.

I want you to draw a house. I want you to draw your home. I want you to draw us somewhere in between happiness and children. That look like monuments.

We will look like giants to them, and I will say the things you create.

I will tell them--


I will tell them--


I will tell them--


And when the world is back in it's bottle we can become the things we fear, the kings we were afraid to follow. The titans they thought we were.

I will reach up above my head and tear a blanket of sky. I will fold it into a plane.

I will reach below and build dolls of mud to stand over this glass planet.


Will leave.

Self-important godkings humming bass beats, tapping out drum rhythms. Our hearts a metronome, our minds gone, our bodies music.

When the hammer falls I will be ten years.

At the ceremony I will cry.

When the bomb drops on this translucent shell of infinitum, we will be above it all. Laughing as our bodies burn.

And to them.

We will look like giants.

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