Sunday, February 7, 2010

Like Titans pt. 3

Ugly started walking away, and Boy quickly followed, pulling his attention away from the tiny lights. Earlier the field had seemed truly endless, but now following Ugly, landmarks began to appear, growing closer with every step. Boy decided not to talk, something about Ugly’s demeanor made it seem like a bad idea. Instead he quietly took in the sights. Above them was a flock of black birds, circling the moon, singing a beautiful song. It was the most soothing sound Boy had ever heard. The moon that shined on them was a beautiful blue, radiant with color. He felt warm in it’s glow. Ugly and Boy casually passed seemingly random landmarks. A windmill, a small farmhouse, a field of corn, a large Aztec looking pyramid, a group of fenced in cattle. Boy realized what they were walking towards. It was a small house, cozy looking. They got to the door, and Ugly turned the knob, opening it wide for Boy.
“Go on in, make yourself at home.”
Boy instinctually reached for a light switch, found it immediately, and flicked it on. The house was warm and cozy, a wooden interior, with plenty of red furniture. Pictures of a family he didn’t recognize hung from the walls. The fire place was pristine, and burning a large log. The stove was immaculate, and already heating a large pot of tea. Boy went ahead and seated himself in a big comfy armchair, and noticed a very peculiar thing about the couch across from him.
Before Boy were three rotting bodies, which he immediately identified as the family members in all the photographs. Boy was in utter shock. The bodies were that of a young man, a young woman, and a small boy, no more than ten years old. They were naked and huddled together on the couch, staring at Boy with blank expressions of fear. Each had a large hole in their head. Their skin was pale, and speckled with blood, mouths agape, breathing, slow, dead breaths.
Boy was terrified, crawling back into his seat as far as he could go without leaving.
“pleeeeeeaaaaase…heeeeeeeeeeellp uuuuuuuuussss”
“Are you really not dead yet?!” boomed a voice from the kitchen.
Ugly marched into the den and grabbed Father by his neck, tossing him onto the floor behind the couch. He did the same with Mother, and Son, muttering to himself about messes. As Sons body dropped onto the floor, the teapot whistled and cried for Ugly’s attention.
Ugly walked back into the kitchen and washed his hands, Boy still staring in shock at where the bodies used to be. He heard a clanging in the kitchen, as Ugly cursed and fumbled with various clanging kitchen stuffs. Ugly walked back into the room dragging a small table behind him. It was a round, ivory white table with gold trim, and legs in the shape and animal legs. Ugly sat down a red mat, and two small red cloth coasters. He walked back into the kitchen, returning this time with a pot of tea and two glass cups. He placed the pot on the mat, the cups on the coasters, and reached into the waist of his pants, revealing a revolver, which he pointed at Boy. The chamber was empty except for one bullet. Ugly spun the chamber, and softly set the gun on the table. He seated himself on the couch across from Boy, and poured them each a cup of tea. The tea was green and thin. Ugly leaned back into his seat holding his cup of tea, with a wide grin across his face.
“Go on kid, take a drink.”
Boy was wary. He waited for Ugly to take a sip before reaching for his own glass. He stared into the tea for a few moments, looking at his reflection, slowly becoming comfortable with the face looking back at him. He lifted the glass to his lips, and slowly sipped at the tea. It was peppermint.
“You’re acting ridiculous, we’re friends. I’m not going to kill you, I don’t even want to.”
Boy sipped his tea, it was certainly not poison, and was quite delicious. He could feel his nerves being soothed, but was by no means at ease.
“Who were those people? Why did you kill them?”
Ugly drank his tea, a small trickle of it running down the side of his mouth, staining his shirt collar.
“mmm, no one important, and don’t talk to me like that.”
“Like how?”
“Like that, the questions, they’re not going to get you anywhere right now. Two friends can have an afternoon chat over tea without it turning into an interrogation. How’s your day going?”
“How so?”
Boy figured Ugly knew more than he did, and was frustrated he was not taking any questions. He spied the gun on the table, wondering if the last bullet was meant for him.
“It’s not.” answered Ugly, not needing to be prompted.
“Not what?”
“Not for you, I’m not going to shoot you with the fucking gun. I promise, it’s like a trust exercise. At this moment we each have the power to end the other’s miserable existence, but if you shoot me, you may not get the answers you seek, if I shoot you, I’m out another friend.”
“Why would I shoot you?”
“Fuck if I know, why do we do anything? Why do we breathe? Why do we eat or shit? God gives and man takes away, we’re killers, and we don’t need a fucking reason. Part of you wanted to kill me when you met me, and the rest of you joined the rally when you met mama, papa, and son. But you wont.”
“And you would?”
“I might.”
The air was suddenly very tense. The two men stared each other down, Ugly’s grimace slowly turning into a smile. Boy clenched his fist at his side, his muscles tensing at every passing thought of the revolver on the table. Ugly was right, part of him did want to kill. He could feel his unconscious hand slowly making for the gun while he kept eye contact with his prey. God gives, and man takes away. Toss brek Drown Hollum. Ugly reclined with his glass, happily sipping his tea, pausing occasionally to chuckle at Boy’s anger. Boy leaned forward, switching his glare from Ugly to the gun. He went ahead and picked it up. He took the bullet out of the chamber and tossed it to Ugly. He took the revolver, and put it in his belt. He poured himself more tea, and continued to drink. Ugly smiled an ugly smile.
“Do you really feel any safer?”
Ugly finished his cup and placed the empty glass back onto the table. He reclined again, and looked into Boy’s eyes.
“Who are you kid?”
Boy’s head screamed, he winced in pain.
“I don’t know.”
“Where are you from?”
Again, his head screamed. Boy’s eyes welled with tears.
“I don’t know.”
“Are you okay with that?”
Suddenly Ugly didn’t seem to be having fun anymore. His face was solemn and emphatic. He took his stare from Boy and let his eyes dart to his hands, which he was twiddling together. Ugly took a deep breath, and twirled the bullet in between his thumb and forefinger.
Ugly stood up and walked away without saying a word. Boy stared at him as he walked out the front door, slamming it behind him. Boy sipped his tea, thinking on the events of the past couple hours. The house was very silent aside from the dry wheezing of the bodies behind the couch, and the soft tock ticking of his pocket watch heart. Boy finished his tea, and set the cup down on the coaster. Not knowing what to do with himself, he went behind the couch to inspect the still breathing bodies. There they were, the naked family lay twisted behind the furniture, staring back at Boy.
“Do you think we are afffffrrrrraaaaaaiiiid, Boy?”

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