Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like Titans pt. 2

Part Two

Questions brewed in Boy’s mind, “Who am I?” “Where am I?” “Why am I those things?” Oddly enough, questions he had all asked before. None of these thoughts were new, so there was a sad comfort in thinking them. A familiarity with the unknown. It seemed the least Boy could do to at least explore. Perhaps begin a search for the answers in the endless fields of green that lay before him. Boy went to his knees and ran his fingers across the turf. The grass felt wonderful on his skin. He swept his hand back and forth as the tips of every blade tickled his palm and fingertips. He giggled at the sensation and decided to dive in for a closer look. Boy pushed his face to the grass, waving it back and forth over the soft vegetation. He decided long ago this behavior would most certainly be seen as unusual, but preceded onward without a shred of concern for his ego. Boy closed his eyes and imagined a thousand pixie hands reaching up and touching his face, gently goading him into the earth. They grabbed onto his hair and pulled him in, while he gleefully accepted. Gentle pixie breast caressing his hands and cheeks, soft voices calling to him like sirens, his burial was heavenly.

Upon opening his eyes, Boy saw the exact image projecting onto the backs of his eyelids. He was enveloped in thousands of nude pixie bodies, being pulled somewhere, passed along from cluster to cluster like a baton. New questions floated to the surface. “Is this my creation?” “Is this coincidence?” and of course, “Why are there thousands of tiny naked women pushing me around like a crowd surfer?” They were calling to him in soft whispers, tiny beautiful voices, all saying the same thing.

“Toss brek”

“Toss brek Drown Hollum”

Boy was positive these were silly pixie words, but was sure he had heard them before. When he tried to think of when, his head burst into a blinding pain, quickly discouraging him from diving any further.

“Toss brek”

“Drown Hollum”

The pixies began to glow, their chanting slowly turning to screams. Each tiny woman shining with a white hot heat, releasing Boy and spreading their arms and legs. Boy realized he was falling, as the pixies got smaller and smaller, their screams more and more distant. Turning his body in mid-air, Boy saw the grassy field he fell into getting closer and closer, and a human figure staring up at him. Boy began to scream, wishing he could do something to slow the fall.


Boy’s body was sore, and his mouth was full of dirt.

“Get up.”

Boy wanted to, but feared every bone in his body was broken.

“Get up asshole.”

Boy decided to try, and to his pleasure, was relatively successful at it. He was sore, but still in working condition. He lifted up his head, and looked to the figure standing before him, as he spit dirt from his mouth. It was a man, slightly overweight, thin brown hair, he was wearing a tucked in, button up white shirt, and black slacks. He had a kind of fat face, wearing a blank, sort of agitated expression.

“Come on asshole, you shouldn’t have too much fun with those girls.”

Remembering the pixies, Boy looked up to the now night sky and stared up at the stars.

“Are you Ugly?” asked Boy.

“What do you think? Come on.”

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