Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Heart Beating Free of War Drums

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Not everyone's favorite holiday, but this is the first year I get to celebrate it. In observance, I'm going to post a poem I wrote for Tylai the night I fell in love with her.

Forgive me, but my Sin is flaw
Between every electric feel
Convulsions through Chords
Between every hot touch
it is God
it is time, time lost
Lost to all things, our things
Hot touch in all places,
Time is still,
Waiting for no man in all hearts
mine is beating
Beating free of war drums
Waving the flag of no king
Lost among lovers and loving
Loving on your every moment
Until now I am blade to flesh
Penetration, separation
Degrading in the eyes of us Until now I am hand to hold
Through all of us
all of us
Until now I know not love
Know not heart-heat beating free
free of war drums
free of a kings flag
free of a name - my name
OUR name in our everything
The beat stops
No time to keep
Our hearts - heat drop still
Touching, flesh to flesh,
chamber to chamber
my trust in yours
Blood flows outward- slowly
So slow, I can hear the pumping
The dry crawl of every drop
drip dripping
drip dripping onto yours
Through chamber to chamber
In my heart - out yours
Behind your back-
I extend my hands
so that you may resemble the angel that you are
Of God's children,
you are the finest
Among thieves
You are the holiest
Among madmen, Faust relapsing
into a coma-
you are the most conscious
Your fair heart, fragile flesh
Pumping against mine in yours
our everything is born from
our Electric is born
our Electric is God
and in that our everything
Has a heartbeat.

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