Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Generation Lost in Thought

Keys on a keyboard, a generation lost in thought.
Do not-
Request information from a seeker.
Children aged and grown to become men and women,
a thought provoking tomorrow.
Our sorrow floods the streets,
drowns worlds shakes cities,
our pity knows no bounds.
Fellow man, natural enemies.
Honor thy father, protect thy brother,
countrymen connected beyond tradition.
Our empathy spans oceans.
The ugly commotion.
Space travel, infinate expansion-
Rocket fuel resisting fiction-
Gravitate towards potential-
Die before first contact.
A generation of dreamers.
These are thinkers,
doers done dead.
Feet to the floor,
metaphore to the metal,
metal to the sound system.
Be with them.
Or against them.
These times surfing on an open conciousness contempt,
intercept ideas,
replace with re-invention.
Re-inventing things that do not work.
Capsules, filled with powder.
A power surpassing medicine.
This world cannot begin to fathom,
a generation lost in thought.
Caught mid-spasm.

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