Thursday, May 22, 2008


I made this blog a while back ago, and have failed to update once. Well here it is, a post. The album is indeed happening very soon. I'm finishing up recording now, and sending it all off to ProjektZero for mastering over the summer. Should be officially out in August.

So now it's time to make you care. The LP is being called Hazel Sun, and will feature stars from the scene such as; Legendary Wizard, Entity (Ecomog, 8-Bit Boys), Whoremoans, D-Form (Chubby Chasers), Seta, mCRT, and ProjektZero.

The album will be available for free download when it comes out, so keep your eyes out, either here, or my myspace page.

Oh yeah, the album has a single out right now. It's called 'Take a Chance on Love', and you can download it from my myspace page.

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